Self Defence                       Self Discipline                      Self Respect

Speed - Strength - Stamina - Coordination - Flexibility - Balance & Power


Harpenden Karate Centre
Teenagers and Adults Karate - Harpenden, St Albans & Hemel Hempstead

Teenagers 14 -16 and Adult Classes

Get in shape for a fraction of the price of an annual Gym membership
Improve confidence while training in a friendly & safe environment.  Learn secrets of a traditional fighting art and self defence system hundreds of years old
Improve speed, strength & stamina
Improve general level of health and fitness
Improved flexibility, coordination, balance and power
Mixed gender classes - Men, women and cadets (14 - 16) train together
Self Defence and evasive techniques
Sweeps, lock, throws and elbow strikes
Punch/kick bag practice to hone newly learnt skills
Light sparring with partners of various sizes and abilities

Minimum number of lessons and ability level required to attempt a Kyu grade

Beginners Classes enrolling now
Contact us
Tel : 01582 767063 Mob : 07973 692664
Email : harpendenkaratecentre@gmail.com

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