Self Defence                       Self Discipline                      Self Respect

Speed - Strength - Stamina - Coordination - Flexibility - Balance & Power


Harpenden Karate Centre
Junior Martial Arts 7 -14 year old

Classes are designed to introduce children to the discipline of Karate in a controlled, friendly and fun environment.  Martial Arts reinforce qualities such as self discipline, good manners, respect and offer pointers on how to deal with and avoid conflict with others. 
Discipline is a very important element in Martial Arts, so is fun, we focus on both.

We teach the philosophy of Karate as a sport, with Martial Arts skills and techniques, which can help in situations where children feel its necessary to defend themselves or others from bullies or strangers.
Confidence is boosted and confidence is essential for avoiding conflict and keeping out of trouble.

Children who acquire self- confidence at an early age are far more likely to succeed later in life. Karate is arguably the best method of instilling confidence in young children and emphasises the importance of respect and discipline.
The fast and exciting nature of Karate entices thousands of children throughout the UK into the sport

The syllabus consists of a warm up, limbering, strengthening and coordination exercises. These are followed by blocks, punches, strikes, kicks and kick bag practice. Students play games and we incorporate elements from other disciplines such as sports and dance from time to time to clarify techniques when necessary.

We perform self defence drills, a short period of light sparring (touch contact) with warm down exercises and meditation to finish class.  Students wear protective equipment whenever they spar, which looks great in class.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • PHYSICAL:   Increased fitness, flexibility, balance, coordination and agility
  • MENTAL:      Enhanced focus, self discipline, determination, commitment, courtesy and respect
  • PERSONAL: Integrity, self- control, confidence, loyalty, self esteem, increased social skills

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