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Harpenden Karate Centre

Students at some point will wear traditional white Karate uniform (Gi).
This can be purchased through the club or you can wear one you may already have.

Students at some point will wish to spar. Our club ethos is safety first, protective equipment must be worn by everyone who participates in sparring in the Dojo (training hall). Personal protection equipment listed below:

Hand Mitts (Sparring Gloves) Compulsory
Gum Shield- Compulsory
Foot Guards- Compulsory

Head Guard (Optional)
Shin Guards (Optional)
Torso Protector (optional)

Download a form here

Complete the fields you require and hand it in at your next class.

Personal training aids and sparring equipment such as focus mitts, kick bags and clothing and accessories can be purchased through the club:

We use equipment supplied by Bytomic. You are, of course, free to purchase and use equipment from other suppliers, so long as it conforms to EU regulations and is fit for purpose.

We encourage everyone to clearly identify their equipment and to look after it.
The Harpenden Karate Centre cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal equipment during class.

Please note: Equipment owned by the Harpenden Karate Centre Dojo must be returned before leaving the Dojo.

Please click the hyperlink below to visit the Bytomic website